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In 2014 the event focused on mindfulness and compassion, the two of the most powerful foundational practices known for their profound healing, transformational and positive impact on our psychology, emotions, physical health and well being.

Mindfulness is to mental health what brushing your teeth is to dental health

The Flame's national events are revolutionising health and wellness. Mindfulness and Compassion was the second successive mindfulness event and in 2014 the event focused on exploring how Mindfulness meditation is an essential element for our mental, emotional and physical health, just as brushing our teeth is essential to our dental hygiene. If mindfulness is brushing our teeth, compassion is using the right tooth paste. 


The event was led by teacher and researcher Davinder Panesar, who has 25+ years expertise in the fields of Mindfulness and Compassion based therapies.  


While mindfulness practice is essential for cultivating good health and well being for oneself, it is through mindfulness that one discovers the incredible healing power of compassion, not just for oneself, but for others too. Eduardo Pitchon, a leading and highly respected psychologist in the application of Compassion and Forgiveness on mental health and wellbeing explored how Mindfulness impacts compassion.


Eduardo Pitchon a psychotherapist with
qualifications in psychology, adult and
child psycho therapy. He has over 30
years experience in private and public
sector practice, including the NHS. He
has worked in Europe and South
America and Dav Panesar, one of the pioneers of mindfulness based intervention in health and personal development, explored the impact of Mindfulness on compassion.

Every year we will give people the chance to be part of a unique and rewarding experience. The event offers individuals a chance to transform their life with right-mindfulness-based practices. It is a privilege to be able to host these events, especially at such a prestigious and iconic venue like Coventry Cathedral, and to have leading world experts and pioneers

Pushy, Coventry

Mindfulness & Compassion 2013

Mindfulness & Compassion 2013

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