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In 2018, the event included an interactive experience designed to cultivate awareness of what may nurture greater balance and flow in your life, by that brings together deep insight into the body, flow of the breath and playing with rhythm and sound, as we collectively bathed in the beauty of vocal resonance with guest speaker and expert in transpersonal psychology Dr. Jessica Blocker  

All meditation traditions state that advanced meditators will exhibit reliable and strong psychic phenomena

The Flame's national events are revolutionising health and wellness. The 6th ground 

breaking event included real life case studies sharing their personal transformation 

experiences, challenges and discovering solutions. 

The impact of mindfulness on stress, depression and anxiety are now well researched, verified and established, what is much less well known, let alone researched is the impact of mindfulness and “extraordinary experiences”. Extraordinary experiences refer to telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, destruction of “defiling impulses” (destructive tendencies), predictive dreams, healing or spiritual experiences and such like. Recent research has confirmed significant relationships between PSI and meditation, over 60% of meditators report extra ordinary experiences, about 50% report telepathy or clairvoyance and almost 60% endorsed these events as being meaningful for them.


Of course, this is well known in wisdom traditions that have meditation and cultivating states of consciousness as their core practices. Buddhist, Sikh and Yogic teachings all confirm state that a person who attains a higher state of consciousness will manifest psychic powers (siddhis).  All meditation traditions state that advanced meditators will exhibit reliable and strong psychic phenomena. Once again, the Flame Centre for Mindfulness, Holistic health and Wellbeing is pioneering a dedicated space to document, discuss, explore and research extraordinary experiences and

meditation with practitioners.


Dr. Jessica Bockler, PhD, is an applied performance artist and transpersonal psychologist with a passionate interest in expressive arts and sacred ritual for consciousness evolution.  In her work she combines physical theatre, dance and vocal work with martial arts and mindfulness practices. Jessica leads Creative Alternatives, an arts and mental health service which operates in Merseyside, UK. Jessica is also a Founding Director of the Alef Trust, a global learning provider which offers education programmes in consciousness studies, spirituality and transpersonal psychology.

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Can I thank you for organising a truly inspirational event. I can honestly say I was captivated from the first first case study and was left wanting more by the end of the evening. I have signed up for an 8 week course and feel that I am on the threshold of some inner peace

Ellen Page, London

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Mindfulness & Extraordinary Experiences 2018

Mindfulness & Extraordinary Experiences 2018

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